Welcome to Fresh Air Nordic Walking.  

We run nordic walking courses and classes mostly in and around the villages of North West Bedfordshire as well as Buckinghamshire and Northants borders.

What is Nordic Walking?  Nordic walking started out as a summer training regime for cross-country skiers but over the past 15 years has developed into a fitness activity in its own right.

So, it's just walking with a walking stick, right?  Wrong!  Nordic Walking is a technique of walking with the aid of poles which uses your own body's upper strength to propel you forward as you are walking.  It turns the act of everyday walking into a full body workout - even more so than swimming!

Why not just go for a walk? Any form of activity is a good thing and should deliver health benefits. However, because you are using your upper body as well, you are able to get a whole body workout.

So, what are the additional benefits?  You should burn at least twenty per cent. more calories than walking without poles.  So, it's great for weight loss as part of a calorie-controlled diet.  However, a key benefit of nordic walking is that it will improve the conditioning of your upper body, improve your posture, release neck and shoulder tension and strengthen your 'core' (back and abdominal muscles).  

Is it hard? It is similar to other forms of moderate aerobic activity.   Ballroom dancing, pushing a lawnmower, riding your bike around town and water aerobics are generally considered other forms of moderate activity.  At a basic level, the object is to raise your heart rate but without you losing the ability to have a conversation at the same time!

Of course, before you engage in any new physical activity you should check with your medical practitioner that they don't see any issues, but otherwise it is an inclusive fitness activity and is perfect for those who may be carrying excess weight or have joint conditions, as it is no harder on the body than walking.

Intrigued to try?  You will not regret it.  And, if you'd like to learn more, please do check out the International Nordic Walking Association website here: http://www.inwa-nordicwalking.com/about-us/what-is-nordic-walking/ 


Any questions, please use the Contact page or email hello@freshairnordicwalking.com.


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