The following methods can be used to book on to courses and classes:

the event calendar

Links to courses, sessions and events are on the Timetable page.  Alternatively click here to link to our Booking System.

Please note that there are cut off times for session bookings online. Typically, it is not possible to book online less than 12 hours before a scheduled session.  In this situation the booking system will not allow you to book on to the session in question.  It may still be ok for you to join on late notice - please call or email to see if I can book you in manually.


Email, message or call

Please feel free to call me on +44(0)7833113113 or by email to

Bookings and payments can be arranged 'off line'.  

You may also be able to contact me via my Facebook page - @freshairnordicwalking.

If anything doesn't work or is unclear I want to know so please tell me!

thank you for your support.

Michelle, Fresh Air Nordic Walking