If you are new to Nordic Walking, it's important to learn the correct technique and master it to get the maximum benefit.  Learn2Nordic Walk workshops follow the methods recommended by the International Nordic Walking Association (INWA).  You will be shown the core skills needed to improve your technique further with confidence. 

Session locations vary to keep things interesting, but are generally located in and around the beautiful village of  Harrold and other North West Bedfordshire villages, as well as Bedford and Olney.  Location details for individual sessions are posted routinely on my Facebook page (@freshairnordicwalking).  Don't worry if you are not on Facebook.  Many session arrangements are finalised to suit the conditions by email and text.

Additionally, I can arrange 1-2-1 and 'couples' appointments as well as corporate and club bookings.  Please contact me for further details.


If you would like a short, light-hearted, casual introduction to the basics of Nordic Walking please complete the Contact form.

Before you attend a taster....

You need to complete a PAR-Q health questionnaire.  Please bring the completed form to your first session or email it to  If you answered 'yes' to any questions you should check with your doctor first before participating in any taster or other nordic walking session.




This course, which is generally arranged over four consecutive weekly sessions (6 hours instruction in total), is designed to teach you the basic skills, through a structured programme which follows the International Nordic Walking Association recommended '10-step Method'.  

Over the duration of the workshop, you will learn a more efficient, dynamic way of walking, the development of correct posture and, through the use of poles specifically designed for nordic walking (they are not hiking poles!), how to propel your body forward.  When everything is brought together you will see how a walk out becomes a whole body, low impact workout. 

Further course information 2019

Price:  £42.  The price includes the hire of nordic walking poles. 

Fitness Level Required: Suitable for those with a basic level of fitness and average mobility.  Before undertaking any programme of physical activity, if you have any concerns as to its suitability for you, be sure to discuss it with your medical practitioner first.  And by all means if you are worried please do make contact for a confidential chat.  Don't be afraid to ask anything!

Please email me for further details using the Contact page form or at  

Learn2Nordic Workshop
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Hone your nordic walking skills, learn more advanced drills and techniques, participate in more demanding classes, or join our social walks and country hikes.  Details of these and other sessions are posted either on the regular timetable or my News pages.  

If none of the times suit you, don't worry! Please make contact and I will see what I can do for you.

It’s been a pleasure learning Nordic Walking with you Michelle. I have to admire the enthusiasm you put into every lesson - it’s a real skill to inspire lazy old laggards like me to get up and go walking. Especially, I have to say thank you for leading us on walks beyond HOCP. We have really enjoyed getting out around Pavenham, Stevington, Felmersham and Odell....We would never have known such beautiful walks were just on our doorstep......
— PH, July 2017