For me Nordic Walking is much more than a workout.  It's an opportunity to open my eyes, connect with nature and appreciate the wonders of the planet and the other animals and plants that share it with us.  And I like to keep records of my trips out into the 'fresh air'.  I am a 'snapper' and I love it.  As a former press photographer I am always on the look out for that special moment to capture and Nordic Walking is a perfect opportunity for me to indulge my interest in photography.   And it encourages me to look for walking routes that are not only good for walking, but likely to be teeming with wildlife! An added bonus as I see it. So, here is my image for the day; a beautiful bird (a Common Tern I believe) captured down at the weir down by Sharnbrook Mill, scouting the river for its prey.  A perfect memory of a Sunday stroll (with poles, of course) out with my husband.