All ages covered 

 Last Tuesday I made it up North by train to Nottingham Trent University My that's an impressive state of the art campus. British Nordic Walking HQ is based there.. I'm hoping to bring all the benefits of nordic walking to children aged 8 year and above at local schools. i'm even more motivated by Dr Catherine Hughes our National Trainer and other fascinating instructors having completed this course. Watch this space.

 Only a few hours later i was giving a talk to The WI Odell and Felmersham. That was so enjoyable, i didn't want to stop - an hour flew by. I know the audience was listening as they asked so many insightful questions. Ten out of ten for tea and cake - that was so appreciated!

 This weeks evening NW Pub walk will be at Felmersham ending at The Sun Inn, Grange Road, Felmersham on  Wednesday 24th May. Meet 7 pm at The small green by the bridge over the river.   Please book in online

 Drum roll please. To whoever is able to refer me the most free tasters by the end of May I've a very practical prize of a 'Trespass Hip Pack.' Really handy for a few hours walking. Enough space for packing away mobiles, wallets, water bottle. car keys, sweets and so on. Terry for hamming up a nordic model pose :) for me. 

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