Spring 2018

It's been great to see so much enthusiasm from everyone, including our 10 Nordic Newbies who started in January, in spite of our waterlogged paths and muddy fields. I can't wait for things to improve weatherwise just a little so that we can explore all the great routes that are on our doorstep,

For some who are keen to set some personal goals, I am delighted to help you achieve them. To help this along, I am extending Saturday morning sunrise walks for the devoted 7.30am gang to try and get us up to 10k distances regularly. Same for the Friday morning workout gang :-)

Save the Date

Saturday 28th April. First 5 and 10k Nordic challenge  And then i will be running a stall on The Green at Harrold Pit Run in the afternoon. Details to follow. 

British Nordic Walking run a series of Challenges throughout the Summer. First one is in Nottingham Saturday 12th May. At the beautiful Wollaton Park in Nottingham We really enjoyed last year's event.  It would make a perfect day trip for all the family especially if we organised an afternoon picnic.  Everyone's a medal winner.



Harrold to Pavenham

Harrold to Pavenham