Great advert for Wellingborough today as our group successfully completed the 15km distance walk at the Waendel International Walking Festival today. Well done to everyone.

The walk took us along canals, former gravel pits, nature reserves and villages which are hidden from the main roads with some lovely scenery. I hope the pictures below do it justice.

And the weather delivered too! Much warmer and sunnier than had been forecast.

I was really bowled over by the size of this event. There were hundreds who lined the walks. The website doesn’t do it justice. It was so great to see our European neighbours here in force to participate. We met people from Belgium, Holland, Australia and Germany. It really is an International event.

And good too to bump into fellow nordic walkers from Wellingborough and Northampton led by Helen and Bernie. We never miss a photo opportunity!

And now for the stats! The course was actually longer than 15k. On our various devices we registered it at somewhere north of 10 miles. - I think Simon clocked in at 10.7 in total.

Hope you enjoy the 3D walk through below.

Honestly, if you have nothing on tomorrow and fancy a walk out, you won’t regret it. The festival runs until tomorrow evening.

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